Laura & Marcus


WEDDING DATE: July 6, 2019 | VENUE: Laurita Winery, New Egypt, NJ | PHOTOGRAPHER: Marconi Photography

Hiring Ryan as our day-of coordinator was one of the best decisions I made while planning my wedding. From the beginning, I was happy to plan my wedding with my now husband and enjoyed the process. As it got to be about 2 months before the big day, a lot of the smaller details were starting to come together and I was feeling the pressure and nerves of being the go-to person for every question or potential issue that might pop up on my wedding day.

Planning this wedding with my husband and our families was very important to me, but so was being able to enjoy the big celebration we were putting so much care and thought into! I did not want to delegate the responsibilities to my bridal party or family, as I wanted them to all enjoy the day with minimal stress as well. That is when Ryan stepped in.

I met with Ryan for dinner one night and after a short time talking about my wedding plans, I knew I had to have her as our day-of coordinator. Right away I felt Ryan’s confidence and experience just by the questions she asked and the details she brought up that I had not covered yet.  Most of the stress I felt at the time was creating the schedule of events from the morning of the wedding day all the way to the ceremony. Ryan was exactly who I needed to help me tie everything together – from the hair appointments, to the shuttle – and keep us all on schedule leading up to the ceremony!

From that day on, Ryan fell right in step with all of our plans and I quickly felt at ease with how fast she got up to speed and in touch with all of our vendors, as if she had been a part of the process from day one. Leading up to the wedding day, Ryan efficiently responded to all of my emails, as well as my vendors, and kept the lines of communication open and flowing from the first day we began working together all the way through the day of the wedding.  Ryan put together a day-of time line from the first hair appointment that morning, to the last guest shuttle drop off at the end of the night.  

On the day of the wedding, Ryan was in constant communication with all the vendors and kept everything running smoothly. She was with my bridal party and me for the entire day, helping everyone with anything they needed. I was so happy with how prepared she was for the little snags (literally) that may happen – like when I got a stain on my wedding dress! She had a perfect solution in the moment that covered up the stain. Now, when I look at the photos, I honestly forget that I had a stain on my dress. If Ryan had not been there, I’m not sure what we would have done!

Not only did Ryan help the entire wedding day go smoothly and made me feel totally at ease, she is an incredibly kind and sweet person. Having someone like Ryan as my advocate on my wedding day made me enjoy the whole day so much more. There were moments throughout the day – in various stages of getting ready, or moving to a new location to take pictures – where she would be there with me asking how I was doing or if I needed anything with a big smile on her face. She helped me to stay present throughout my wedding day and pause occasionally to take it all in and enjoy the whole day. She helped me not to sweat the small stuff in the moment, which can be quite challenging on such a big day!

I whole-heartedly recommend Ryan as a wedding day-of coordinator to any and all brides (and grooms!).   Regardless of your wedding size, complexity, style, or traditions, Ryan will be an asset to you. She will help you organize all details and coordination, as well as keeping you happy and present throughout your wedding day and ensure you enjoy every minute, stress free!

Ryan, I can never thank you enough. You were an important part of our wedding day and I will never forget it. I am so happy you were there. This is truly your calling!  Love, Laura Casimir